Place: Berlin, Germany

Dates: 14-15 December 2012

Theme: Can culture save Europe?

The 11th Session of the European Cultural Parliament, ECP, was held in Berlin on 16-17 December 2012. The ECP has 160 members from 43 countries and has established itself as the only Pan-European, interdisciplinary forum for artists and cultural personalities. The ECP-parliamentarians have covered many important themes and added important cultural and philosophical dimensions to the European discourse and the landscape of initiatives.

In 2010 an ECP Youth Network was created. It had its 3rd session on 14-15 December 2012. In accordance with the ECP Mission Statement ECP members consider Culture and Arts to be the core of society. They believe in a closer European cooperation and a stronger role for culture in Europe. This belief is even strengthened in times of financial crisis and nationalistic tendencies like we experience the situation in 2012. This is why the theme for the 11th session was “Can Culture save Europe?”

See pictures and recordings from the event via the links below.

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