The Senators constitute a group of senior Europeans with a strong commitment to European culture and European integration.

They have nominated a core group of cultural personalities as members of the ECP, a group which is growing “organically” through nominations of colleagues from other countries. The Senate also discusses strategic issues, such as sustainable financing of the ECP, venues for the sessions, etc. Our Senators are:

  • Steve Austen, Amsterdam  –  Founder of Felix Meritis Foundation and Co-founder “A Soul for Europe”
  • Benjamin Bradshaw, London – MP, Former British Minister of Culture
  • Frederique Delouche, London – Banker/Editor of the book “A European History”, Co-founder ECP
  • Peter Hanke, Copenhagen  – Music / Associate Fellow, Oxford Saïd
  • Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, Luxemburg – Former Concert pianist. Former Minister of Culture, former MEP
  • Ove Joanson, Stockholm, – Journalist. Former Chairman Swedish Radio, Co-founder ECP
  • Michal Klett, Stuttgart   –  Chairman Editorial House Klett-Gruppe, Co-founder ECP
  • Memli Krasniqi, Pristina  –  Former Minister of Culture/Music
  • Karl-Erik Norrman, Stockholm/Berlin – Former Ambassador/Author/Co-founder and SG ECP
  • Michelangelo Pistoletto, Biella, Italy – Founder Cittadellarte and ”Arte Povera”
  • Marie-Louise von Plessen, Loire/Berlin  – Historian, curator of exhibitions
  • Pär Stenbäck, Helsinki – Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, culture and education, President and Co-Founder ECP
  • Ivaylo Znepolski, Sofia – Former Minister of Culture