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Culture is the core of society

ECP is an independent forum for European personalities in the fields of arts, culture and debate about issues of importance for European cooperation, democracy and culture.

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Welcome to European Cultural Parliament

Our Premise

Ethical and aesthetic values must be the essence of a new European Society. Culture is the core of society. Creativity is the source of human existence.

Our Belief

The European idea is based on a balance between respect for the diversity of cultures in Europe and cross-cultural tolerance and understanding.

Our Purpose

The ECP’s purpose is strengthening the role of cultural and artistic ideas in the debate on the future of Europe and promoting bridge-building with other cultures.

Latest news

The ECP is its members

ECP-Members have been nominated in their individual capacity. All Members are outstanding cultural personalities. No Member represents an organization, institution or a state.

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ECP Youth Network

The ECP-Future Generation is a network created within the European Cultural Parliament. We connect and create a platform for young European artists from the ages of 18 to 35 to share their art and connect on a higher platform.

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