Here are downloadable logotypes for both ECP and ECP YN.

For Online use

Right-click and choose “Save as…”

For Print and Offline use

Right-click and choose “Save as…”

Color information

The following color codes are used

Pantone CMYK RGB
Pantone 583 C C:23,M:0,Y:100,K:17 R:176,G:188,B:34
Pantone 312 C C:96,M:0,Y:11,K:0 R:0,G:175,B:219
Pantone 2655 C C:54,M:49,Y:0,K:60 R:126,G:129,B:190
Black 60% C:0,M:0,Y:0,K:60 R:102,G:102,B:102