The European Cultural Parliament was founded in the premises of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, in 2001.

The objective was – and is – to strengthen the role of cultural and artistic ideas and initiatives in Europe. In addition, the founders of the ECP wish to strengthen the dialogue between citizens in Eastern and Western Europe and between the various arts sectors.

The objective and history, our mission statement, Co-Founders

The ECP is its members – 160 artists, cultural managers and cultural personalities from 43 European countries.

To the 9th session of the European Cultural Parliament, which took place in Athens between 16-19 September 2010, some young artists and cultural experts were invited with a view to testing the idea of creating a youth network within the framework of the ECP. A workshop was held where a potential development of the youth network was discussed. Very soon a core group of committed people was established. Why all this? Because the ECP is trying not only to encourage the dialogue between Europe and the World, East and West, but also the young and older generation. Because we have a lot to learn from each other, on both directions.

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The Artists need a Parliament
– Yehudi Menuhin