Theme: “Europe and its Greek Legacy“.Discussion and debate on the future of Europe in a philosophical, historic, democratic and artistic perspective. In addition four workshops will be arranged. 

Venue for plenary debate and workshops: Technopolis Auditorium.

The Exhibition “25 years of European Capital of Culture” will be on show during the session.




Thursday 16 September:



12.00 Press Conference in Athens City Hall 


Afternoon Arrival of participants 


Afternoon Check in at Hotels Imperial + King George, Athens 


18.30   Transfer by bus to “Technopolis” City of Athens, 100 Pireos str, Gazi 


19.00   Check-in/Registration 


19.30-19.45   Official opening of the Session by the President of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Filippos Petsalnikos. 


19.45-20.00   Welcome address by the Mayor of City of Athens, Mr. Nikitas Kaklamanis. 


20.00-20.15   Keynote speech by Mr. Mikis Theodorakis (Athens). 


20.15-20.30   Keynote speech by Mrs. Erna Hennicot- Schoepges (Luxemburg). 


20.30-20.45   Introductory Session, Introduction to the 9th Session by Karl-Erik Norrman (Stockholm/ Berlin). Presentation of new ECP-Members. 


20.45   Reception 


22.30   Transfer to hotels 

Friday 17 October:


08.00 ECP-Senate meeting in Hotel King George 


09.30 Transfer by bus to “Technopolis” City of Athens, 100 Pireos str, Gazi 


10.00- 13.00   Plenary session led by Pär Stenbäck, Helsinki, on “European ideas and their Greek Legacy”: Evangelos Chrysos, Athens, Emeritus Professor, University of Athens. Panel discussion: Krzystof Czyzewski, Sejny, Claire Fox, London, Amparo Serrano de Haro, Madrid, Stelios Virvidakis, Athens, Mats Rosengren, Gothenburg, followed by general debate. 


13.00-15.00   Visit to the Acropolis Museum 


15.00-17.00   Lunch near “Technopolis” City of Athens 


17.00-17.15   Walk to “Technopolis” City of Athens 


17.15-17.30   Presentation of new ECP-Members 


17.30 Plenary Session in Technopolis, moderated by Joe Friggieri, Valetta: Marie-Louise von Plessen on “Europe and the Bull”, St. Firmin sur Loire. Panel Discussion: European Arts and their Greek Legacy: Guy Coolen, Antwerp, Peter Hanke, Copenhagen, Iara Boubnova, Sofia, Andreas Richter, Berlin and Erzen Shkolloli, Peje, followed by general debate. 


20.10 (approx) Helle Juul, Copenhagen: “Learning from Athens – Ecclesia and non-representational space- concepts and the challenges of urbanism in an intercultural society”. 


20.20 Rodolfo Maslias, Athens: Introduction to the anniversary project “Athens, birthplace of the European Capitals of Culture”. 


20.30 Bus to hotels, dinner at hotels  

Saturday 18 September:


10.00 Transfer from hotel Imperial to the Hellenic Parliament (Hotel King George is beside the Parliament) 


10.30 Welcome by Mr. Evangelos Chrysos, Secretary General of the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy 


10.45 Guided visit to the Hellenic Parliament and its Exhibitions: “The Building of the Parliament” and “The battle of Marathon: History and Legend”. 


12.00-12.45 Welcome coffee 


13.00   Transfer to Melina Merkouri Centre, City of Athens, venue for the workshops 


13.30 Light buffet 


14.30-18.00 Four Workshops:
1) 25 years European Capital of Culture, Moderator Rodolfo Maslias, Athens
2) Culture and the Financial Crisis, Moderator Brigita Stroda, Riga
3) Culture and New Technologies, Moderator Bert Mulder, The Hague
4) First Session of “Youth ECP”, Moderator Sabine Froschmaier, Berlin 


18.00 Transfer by bus to “Technopolis” City of Athens, 100 Pireos str., Gazi 


18.30 Plenary Session moderated by Ove Joanson, Stockholm. Panel discussion Europe and its Greek Legacy: Peter Stephan Jungk, Vienna/Paris, David Lordkipanidze, Tbilisi, Magda Carneci, Bucharest, Mary Miller, Stavanger, Dino Mustafic, Sarajevo, followed by general debate. 


20.30 Transfer to hotels - dinner at hotels 


Sunday 19 September:


09.00 Transfer by bus to “Technopolis” City of Athens, 100 Pireos str, Gazi 
09.30 Final plenary session 
11.00 Transfer by bus to Pnyka 
11.30-12.00 Closing ceremony at the ancient site of “Pnyka” - reading of a solemn declaration of the ECP in Athens 


12.00 Transfer to hotels 


The 9th Session was supported by:
The Hellenic Parliament
The City of Athens
Athens Tourism and Economic Development Co. (ATEDCO)

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