Place: Athens, Greece

Dates: 16-19 September 2010

Theme: Europe and its Greek Legacy

The 9th Session of the ECP was held in Athens 16-19 September 2010. The theme of the session was Europe and its Greek Legacy. The President of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Philippos Petsalnikos, officially opened the 9th ECP-session. Mr. Petsalnikos stated how essential the connections between European culture and Greek culture are: “We in Greece have the luck to live in the birthplace of democracy and therefore also the birthplace of the Western civilization”. The President emphasized the importance of true democracy, where the Freedom of Speech is established and of an environment where the Arts enhance democratic values. The 9th session included discussions and debates on the future of Europe in a philosophical, historic, democratic and artistic perspective. In addition, four workshops were arranged.

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