2006 – Turku

The overall theme of the session was
“Can Culture help dissolve the European Stalemate?”

This general theme was addressed by several speakers, including the Finnish sociology Professor Risto Alapuro, the EU Commission Representative in Finland, Mr Paavo Mäkinen and several new ECP Members. The Deputy Mayor of Turku, Kaija Hartiala, presented her City, which has been nominated Cultural Capital of Europe 2011. The President of the City Council of Turku, Mr Pertti Paasio, gave a reception in the Turku City Hall.

The ECP Lisbon Agenda Research Group, led by Simonetta Carbonaro, Italy, Bert Mulder, Netherlands and Joe Friggieri, Malta, presented a report “Culture, the heart of a knowledge-based economy – the strategic use of culture in the European project”. The report was officially handed over to the EU representative in Finland.

Download the report here: ECP EU strategic use of culture 030906 final

After introductions by Laura Freixas, Barcelona and Mikael Kosk, Helsinki, an intensive debate followed on the theme “How to accommodate the need for cultural freedom with religious values”. As a continuation of this debate Kathinka Dittrich van Weringh, Chairman of the Board of the European Cultural Foundation, introduced a discussion on possible ECP contributions to the “European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008”. Mercedes Giovinazzo, Barcelona, moderated both discussions.

Two famous Finnish politicians and cultural personalities, Jörn Donner and Heidi Hautala, introduced the important theme “Politics and culture – can and should they ever meet”. After an intensive discussion one conclusion was – “politicians: hands off culture! – artists: hands on politics!”

The joint ECP and Åbo Akademi University project “NUROPE”, “Nomadic University for Arts, Philosophy and Enterprise in Europe” had its first course (“oasis”) in Turku on the days before the ECP session.

About 80 ECP Members from 39 countries participated in the Turku session.

Karl-Erik Norrman
Secretary General


The 5th session of the ECP was held with the generous
support of:

The Finnish Ministry for Education
Svenska Kulturfonden
The City of Turku and
European Cultural Foundation

Follow the links in the menu for transcripts of the presentations during the session.

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