The Transatlantic Dialogue, or TAD, conference series is focused on global citizens, exploring the significance of culture and liberal education on fostering global citizenship from both US and European perspectives.

Organized by the University of Luxembourg since 2008, the TAD project examines the role of cultural and liberal education in developing educators and students: those who think broadly, those who recognize and respect cultural diversity and heritage, and those whose engagement in the arts serves as a conduit for personal authenticity, innovation, and inclusion.

Now the time has come to think further.

 Together with the ECP, a forum for European personalities in the fields of arts, culture and letters for dialogue, discussions and debate about crucial and burning issues of importance for European co-operation, European democracy and European culture the idea raised up to create an ‘External Relations’ Task force group in the very informal tradition which has always been ECP´s modus operandi and based on the belief that the European idea symbolizes a balance between respect for the diversity of cultures in Europe and cross-cultural tolerance and understanding.

After an involuntary break during the pandemic a new session could take place in May 2024. Click hereThe Transatlantic Dialogue to read the full agenda from the session May 29-31, 2024.
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