‘Creating Human Bonds through Cultural Diplomacy’
The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin (ICD) promotes five principles:

  • Respect and Recognition of Cultural Diversity and Heritage
  • Global Intercultural Dialogue
  • Justice, Equality, and Interdependence
  • The Protection of International Human Rights
  • Global Peace and Stability

The 4th Transatlantic Dialogue provides a dynamic environment in which to pursue these aims with particular focus on the first two which lay a foundation for achieving the last three principles. Explorers, travelers, teachers and artists are all examples of “informal ambassadors” or “cultural diplomats”. All those who interact with different cultures facilitate a form of cultural exchange. More than ever before, cultural diplomacy has a vital role to play in international relations, enabling us to appreciate and promote points of inter-sectionalism and common bonds. Bridging differences begins with approaching others with the will to acknowledge and understand their and our own cultural identities and ‘othernesses’. Universities have a key role to play in this regard and presenters will offer multiple perspectives on how this can be achieved.
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