We, members of The European Cultural Parliament*, ECP, express our total support for the Ukrainian nation and its people in their fight for independence, dignity, and freedom.

The current use of military force on the territory of another country undermines decades of efforts to establish a stable international order guided by commonly accepted and fundamental humane principles.

Notwithstanding the shortcomings of historical parallels, what is happening right now in Ukraine very much resembles the situation that culminated with World War II, including the rise of Nazism, fascism, and numerous violations of national borders. The current attempts to reconstruct the oppressive and gloomy Soviet empire must be resolutely condemned.

It is our duty and obligation to choose the European values of liberal democracy and to stand firmly behind these values. It is our responsibility as intellectuals, artists, and citizens to work for a peaceful future based on human values.

Europe 26 February 2022
Pär Stenbäck (President) – Karl-Erik Norrman (Secretary General) – Ove Joanson – Gabriele Zaidyte – Levan Khetaguri – Jahangir Selimkhanov – and many other ECP-members

*The European Cultural Parliament, ECP, represents a number of different professions across the cultural domain and has members from all countries of the European continent.

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