For various reasons there was no annual session of the ECP in 2018. But a Workshop was organized at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, ICD, Berlin on 14-15 December. The theme of the ICD Annual Conference was “Utilizing Cultural Diplomacy to foster Democracy, advance International Law and back Global Human Rights”
ECP contributed to the ICD conference with the following speakers:
Pär Stenbäck on “Democracy under threat – Conditions for survival”,
Steve Austen on “Strengthening European identity through Cultue and Education”,
Mary Miller on “What is an Eventful City – how do you develop a Place where Culture and cultural events underpin the city´s Attitudes and its identity”
Ove Joanson on “Serious Media can save the world – but can anything save serious media?”
Erna Hennicot-Schoepges on “70 years of UN Declaration on Human Rights”
Karl-Erik Norrman on “The European Cultural Parliament – History and Mission”
In a panel discussion on “How can people of Art & Culture promote Democracy, the Rule of Law and Human Rights, using their work?” Mary Miller moderated an ECP panel consisting of Massimo dell Utri, Johanna Suo, Pierre Vasarely, Heide Hagebölling.
The ECP workshop worked partly in parallel with the ICD conference. Some 15 persons participated. A great variety of contributions were made. The following members spoke:
Heide Hagebölling on “A Dance Project between Cologne and Beijing, using new media”:
“Pas de Deux: Artistic Collaboration as a Cultural Diplomatic Practice.
An interactive real time dance and art project between Cologne and Beijing”.
Massimo dell Utri on “The Moral Import of the Arts”
Dudana Mazmanishvili on “The role of Cultural Diplomacy in presenting Georgia to the world – Case: Georgia-Germany year 2017-2018 and Georgia at the Frankfurter Buchmesse”
Johanna Suo on “Cultural Diplomacy in practice – presenting two projects involving young artists in Columbia and Belgium, crime prevention projects in socially problematic areas”
Savina Tarsitano on “Emotional architecture, Rebirth and Third Paradise” in Cuba and her cooperation with Michelangelo Pistoletto
Tuuli Lähdesmäki on “Concepts as policy instruments in promoting dialogue and tackling crises”
Pierre Vasarely on “History, development and future of the Arts and Conference Centre ´Fondation Vasarely´ in Aix-en-Provence”
Judith McKimm on “Art and Creativity in intercultural training and learning”
Brigita Stroda on “The power of the Singing Revolution in Latvia”
Tamas Szalay on “The candidature of Magdeburg as European Capital of Culture 2025”
Tomas Cepaitis on “The film ´Lithuanie, ma liberté´ on the independence of Lithuania 100 years ´ ago and its possible relevance for the present Catalonia crisis”
Both ICD- and ECP representatives found that the cooperation was excellent and offered a lot of synergy advantages.

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