The European Cultural Parliament, ECP, meeting for its 20th session in Kaunas, is concerned
by the advancing totalitarian forces in Europe. The unprovoked and brutal aggression of
Russia against Ukraine and its people has had disastrous consequences. In addition, this war
also has adverse effects on common European values, cultural diplomacy and soft power.
Every friend of freedom and democracy must take a stand and be engaged against these
crimes against humanity. ECP urges its members and their constituencies to mobilize
resources for all independent Ukrainian cultural communities.

The ECP members expressed a range of concerns regarding the complicity of Russian cultural
actors supporting the war. They condemned all imperialistic historical claims and the abuse of
history for propaganda purposes.

The ECP supports the rebuilding structures and development of new policies in order to
secure the role of Ukraine as a functioning partner and cultural actor in the European house.
The ECP encourages an enhanced dialogue in Europe and its institutions to define future
common European cultural policies relating to Ukraine, including practical measures to assist
Ukrainian artists and institutions. Destroyed theatres, concert halls, museums, libraries, etc.
must be rebuilt. The ECP wishes to offer its advice in this process.

The ECP acknowledges the strong, values-based position of Lithuania and other countries in
standing up against the Russian aggression.

The ECP finally expresses its gratitude to Kaunas 2022, European Capital of Culture and to
Vytautas Magnus University for hosting this session.

Kaunas session of European Cultural Parliament September 8 – 11, 2022. Read the report here.

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