Resolution of the European Cultural Parliament

Athens, September 2010

The European Cultural Parliament would like to express deep concern about the case of Russian artist Oleg Mavromatti, who lives in Bulgaria.

In the year 2000, as the result of his artistic action he was accused of inciting religious hatred. Since that time he legally resides in Bulgaria with his family and has applied for political asylum which has been rejected.

This year the Consulate of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Sofia has refused to renew his expired Russian passport. This automatically led to invalidity of his Bulgarian permission of permanent residency. Russian Authorities insist that he should return to his native country to stand trial in front of the Court of Justice.

The Bulgarian Refugee Agency (BRA), to which the artist again applies for political asylum had no responded yet.

We would like to appeal to the Bulgarian Migration Authorities to recognize Oleg Mavromatti’s status as “a foreigner without documents” and to speed up his application based on the respect for The Charter of Human Rights.

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