Keynote speech by Mikis Theodorakis

The miracle of life, deriving from the Universe and reaching Planet Earth is
a constant conflict of Antitheses, the finest expression of which is the one
between Harmony and Chaos. Human history is definitely not an exception to this
rule as prove the perpetual sequence from Harmony to Chaos, Peace to War,
happiness to unhappiness, Civilization to Barbarity of all peoples at all times.
In Europe there were alternations from Renaissance to Medieval Ages, Wars to
Peace, Dark Ages to the Age of Enlightenment, Democracy to Fascism, prosperity
and distraction, development and crisis.

Today, it is patently clear that the powers of Chaos, more powerful and
deceitful than ever before, have beat the state, plunging our peoples into a
deep, multi-faceted crisis. Both an economic crisis and a crisis of values. A
Cultural Crisis. Today you are in Athens. In the centre of the city lies the
Holy Rock of Acropolis where Moira preserves the Parthenon, the Symbol of
Perfect Proportions and Beauty, a cradle of spiritual, mental and ethical
essence of the True and Integral Man; the Parthenon that was offered two
priceless Gifts, the Gift of Life and the Gift of Harmony.

But the question is who succeeded in deeply understanding and expressing the
essence of the unified charismatic Man, namely of this Unique Entity living on
Planet Earth, of the one that exclusively inherits and preserves Harmony,
initially in his relationship with himself and then with Others, Nature and
Life. It must be all those that left behind them the legacy of great spiritual
works and offered us ideas, thoughts, visions and all kinds of works
contributing to Logic, scientific thought, fantasy and enriching the ars bene
loquendi and fine taste. Works that unify people instead of separating them.
Works inspiring beauty, kindness and truth. Works that resent barbarosity and

These benefactors of Humanity wouldn’t distinguish a white man from a yellow
or a black, a rich from a poor, an educated from an ignorant. To them, Man was a
single Entity beyond any physical or technical differentiations. Men may differ
from one another only in the way that trees within a wood may differ from one
another. Because although they all live from the same ground, sun and air they
still have separate roots, trunks, leaves, flowers and fruits.
despite these differences they realize identically the magical processes of
transforming carbon dioxide into nourishing oxygen and are equally exposed to
the dangers of storms, droughts, fires and insensitive human attacks.

In the core of things, a tree is always a tree and a man is always a man.
Namely a valuable victory of life. Nations, races and human societies have a
common denominator in the unified, similar and pure human, the chosen one of
Life and Harmony. For this reason, from ancient times up until today the powers
of Chaos have basically used the weapons of Antitheses, division, rivalry,
enmity and hate between humans, societies and peoples to strike out at Life and
Harmony. The means they use are violence, oppression and exploitation of one
another, the happiness of one at the expense of another and, finally, mutually
destructive annihilation and warfare.

Up until today, when we have reached the peak of the deceitful powers of
Chaos with the creation of an international Directorate based on 4-5
international centres of power whose core-cell is the U.S., with an
unprecedented destructive military power as well as enormous economic means of
suppression and imposition. Using the Army and the Banks as executor, they
forcefully and systematically impose the New Order of Globalisation aiming in
radically altering the world map by demolishing nations, using the weapon of
erosion to annihilate their unique characteristics; namely nationality, culture,
togetherness and at the final end, the right of Nations, Peoples and persons to
collectively and independently decide in freedom for their own lives and

They aim in the destruction of the primary system of each tree that belongs
to this wood of humans and peoples that has survived up to now from so many
disasters.  They want to transform it into a material of cutting forestry
in order to include it into this monstrous world system of governance that some
sick brains, befuddled by the enormous power they possess, are preparing. They
want to make us all ‘individuals’, lonely people cut off from any form of
collectiveness, scared, vulnerable subjects that will obey to the orders of the
new masters of planet Earth.

This is what I believe to be the essence of today’s crisis which is
tormenting our peoples who, for the moment, do not know how to react because it
is truly an unprecedented and satanic attack which has proven relentless.

At the same time, however, I believe that the powers of Chaos by this extreme
operation have reached their limits. Let’s remember the previous great threat to
Humanity, the representative of Chaos known as Adolf Hitler. Following his
triumphs in Europe, wasn’t there a palpable fear that things had come to their
end? Likewise, today’s Führers, wearing their suits and ties, intoxicated by
their success, have taken their power to its absolute limit. That is, to a new
Stalingrad. And that is what the Peoples of Europe have to be!

Europe has offered many precious gifts to humanity, especially in the fields
of Science, Philosophy, Sociology and Art. At the same time it has caused
tremendous problems to the peoples of Europe, Africa, South America and Asia
because of the Colonisation and the two World Wars.

Today Europe holds a key position which enables it to reverse the negative
trend and guide Humanity as a whole along the road of Harmony, Peace and
Prosperity. But it must first cut the umbilical cord tying Europe to the U.S.
and turning it into an obedient organ of catastrophe imposed by the military and
economic forces that prevail this great country; a country that is so rich in
traditions and has made such a great contribution to progress and civilization.
This country has turned into an operational base of violence and destruction.
And, secondly, it must evaluate once more, its philosophy and methods used up
until today in terms of promoting development and prosperity for its peoples.
The fact that the banking and financial system has turned into such a powerful
force, stands as an obstacle to the process that would mutate Europe into a
single entity carrying its own seal and its own strategy, based on the creative
contribution of all its Peoples that would stand upon their rich traditions in
order to commonly create the true face and content of a new Europe. A Europe
that would serve the values of Independence, Freedom, Peace, Democracy, Isonomy,
Human Rights, development, prosperity and cultural rebirth.

Greece will be a part of this effort that will prove to be redeeming and
regenerative for humanity. The longitudinal Greece of the Perfect Proportions,
of Truth, Beauty and of the Human, will help us reach the source of Harmony
which is the Antitheses of Chaos that prevails our lives today. Beforehand we
have to realize that the present attack we are all facing unifies us into one
great Entity going beyond any kind of religious, racial, national, social,
societal and cultural difference. And it forces to choose between two paths; the
one of Chaos or the one of Harmony. 

It is finally time we grow up and mature, not only for the sake of humankind
but also of planet Earth that is so generously hosting us. Because according to
the logic of Time that is counted in centuries, our behaviour towards the
essential existence of life has so far been childish. We must fully understand
that Man is One and that the gift of life is the same for all of us and that we
are meant to experience through every pore of our body, our spirit and soul, the
complete blessedness that peaceful co-existence with others and nature may give
us, that will enable us to fully develop our creative powers. In both the
material and spiritual world.

I am certain that, if Europe chooses this path, it will succeed into turning
today’s Hell into Paradise. And I am happy that I am given today the opportunity
to reveal this Great Vision of mine.


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