Preliminary programme

The 8th Session – Gothenburg, Sweden, 11-13 December 2009

Theme: “Quality and Reflection in Culture and Media – Prerequisites for
European Democracy”

Venue: Gothenburg University – “Artisten”,

Friday 11 December

10.00 Workshop organised by NUROPE, Nomadic University for Arts, Philosophy and
Enterprise in Europe, together with “Nätverkstan Kultur i Väst” (Programme to be
found in


11.30 Press Conference


Morning and afternoon Arrival and hotel check in


About 17.00 Gothenburg Christmas City event, Kungsportsavenyn


18.00 Registration


18.30 Opening of Session
Speakers: Anneli Hulthén, Mayor of
Lars Nordström, Chairman Cultural Board, Västra
Margareta Wallin-Pettersson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of


19.15 Musical Intermezzo – Katia Guerreiro(Portugal)


19.30 Welcome Reception offered by the City of Gothenburg


20.30 ECP Senate Meeting


Saturday 12 December

08.30 Further Registration


09.00 Keynote: Peter Hjörne, Chief Editor, Göteborgsposten: “Editorial
Quality in the digital Age”


09.30 Keynote: Åsa Bernlo, Gothenburg Film Festival: “The Quality of being


10.00 Panel Discussion and General Debate on Quality and Reflection in
Jasenko Selimovic (Sweden) – Theatre,
Andreas Richter (Germany) – Music
Gaspar Miklos Tamas (Hungary)
– Philosophy
Yuriy Andrukhovic (Ukraine) – Literature
Savina Tarsitano
(Italy) – Visual Arts
Lars Montag (Germany) -


11.00 Coffee break


11.15 Thomas Hylland Eriksen (Norway): “Happiness, Quality and Reflection in
a European Perspective”. Discussion


11.30 Musical Intermezzo – Miha Pogacnik


11.45 New ECP-Members on the theme of the session:
Dreyfus (France) – History
Nicoleta Esinencu (Moldavia) – Literature
Zuvela (Croatia) – Cultural Management
Catharina Thörn (Sweden) – Urban
Ilmar Raag (Estonia) – Film
Johan Öberg (Sweden) – Literature


13.00 Lunch


13.45 Workshop – NUROPE/Gothenburg/Västra Götaland Region and ECP: “Arts
& Business – Culture as Growth factor”. Bengt Kristensson Uggla, Pierre
Guillet de Monthoux, Kristian Berg, David Karlsson, Johan Öberg, Bert Mulder


15.15 Panel Discussion II and general debate on Quality and Reflection in
Culture and Media. Participants: Ove Joanson (Sweden) – Media, moderator

Laura Freixas (Spain) – Literature
David Lordkipanidze (Georgia) –
Helle Juul (Denmark) – Architecture
Sjon (Iceland) –
Dino Mustafic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) – Film
Janis Garancs
(Latvia) – New Media
Steve Miller (UK) – Visual


16.15 Panel Discussion and General Debate, continued – Magda Carneci
(Romania) – Moderator


17.00 Bus transfer to Backateatern


17.30 “Gangs of Gothenburg”, Theatre Performance, followed by reception and
Workshop ECP/West Sweden/Gothenburg: “Culture as Integration Factor”. Mattias
Andersson, Mikela Lundahl and others


Sunday 13 December

08.30 Santa Lucia


08.45 “ECP and Friends”:
European Journalism
– Willy Ruetten, Maastricht
Institute for Cultural
– Mark Donfried, Berlin
A Soul for
– Steve Austen, Amsterdam, Dejan Ubovic, Belgrade, Susana
Marques, Guimaraes
Meritis Foundation – Linda Bouws,
Institute of Ideas – Claire Fox, London

The Festival Berlin – Florian B. Mueck, Berlin

“Youth ECP” – Jenny Garcia, London
An Oxford
European Research Project
– Lyudmila Nurse,


09.40 Gunilla von Bahr, Gunnar Bjursell, Fredrik Ullén (Sweden): “Quality of
Life” – Culture and Health


10.30 Coffee Break


10.45 New ECP-Members (cont.): Nikola Matisic (Sweden): “Music without
Quality?” Discussion Mats Rosengren (Sweden) –


11.10 Egle Rakauskaite (Lithuania): “Impressions from Vilnius, European Capital of
Culture 2009”


11.30 ECP Host City 2010! A presentation


11.50 Reports from workshops


12.30 Lunch


13.30 Concluding discussion on Quality and Reflection in Culture and


15.00 End of Session

Thanks to:

City of Gothenburg
Region Västra Götaland

Gothenburg & Co
University of Gothenburg

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