Athens – ECP’s Host City 2010

ECP Host City 2010! September 16-19

Athens – a presentation

Rodolfo Maslias (Greece)
“Athens was in 1985 the first
capital of culture of Europe and today Nikitas Kaklamanis is the 50th Mayor of
Greece. Consider it to be an eternal capital of culture. There are more than 80
theatres in Athens and an intense cultural activity of the 140 communities. A
special event on the birth and history of Greece will be held for the ECP.

We will meet at the Greek Parliament and the Technopolis Cultural Centre.

The city of Athens invites the ECP to visit the new Acropolis Museum and
the monuments of the Greek history and culture. The Society for Tourism and
Economic Development of the City of Athens ensure the organization of the stay.
Athens is waiting for you in 2010. Thank you for coming!”

The 9th ECP session in Athens will take place between the 17th and 19th of




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