Lisbon declaration, December 2005

A healthy economy allows us to live,
but culture makes
life worth living.

We need the language of passion
to go alongside
the language of reason.

Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission

In response to the call by its guest speaker Jose Manuel Barroso for socially
committed artists and thinkers to mobilize, the European Cultural Parliament
(ECP) affirms that:

Culture is the driving force for Europe in the 21st century, creating

-an inclusive, open and progressive civil society,
-added economic value,
wealth and prosperity
-quality in education, transfer of values to the
-sustainable communities and
-quality of life for its citizens.

People of culture and the arts are a strong human resource in making Europe
“the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-driven economy by 2010″ (Lisbon
Agenda 2000).

Culture anticipates and explores. As the language of passion, compassion and
creativity it vitalizes political dialogue and vision and brings Europe closer
to its citizens by providing opportunities for expression, reflection and
intercultural dialogue.

Therefore the ECP celebrates 2008 as the year of the intercultural dialogue
by creating and participating in a dynamic discourse that stimulates artists,
thinkers and their communities to explore new possibilities to enhance cohesion
inside and between nations and cultures. As a platform for dialogue the ECP
stimulates equal opportunities between cultural workers from all European
countries, big and small.

The European Cultural Parliament is the patron for Member initiatives such as
“Breakthrough Design for Living”, the “European Nomadic University for
Philosophy, Art and Business”, “Music and Health”, the “European Academy for
Contemporary Arts” and the film festival “Directors across Borders”.

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