Culture, Government and Civic Society

Moderators: Teresa Patricio Gouveiea & Ove Joanson 

The working group on ”Culture, Government and Civic Society” concludes the

The European Cultural Parliament strives to build a cultural and value-based
foundation to pursue the European project.

To further this aim the ECP offers to serve as a bridge between civil
European societies and European Governments, including the European

Additionally, in order to strengthen the cultural perspective in all aspects
of the European project, the individual members of the Parliament will
contribute their expertise and commitment in any relevant sector of European

Enclosed are some of the thoughts and ideas presented to the group in the
course of its work.

Enclosure 1.
Individual input
made during the workshop on friday. (Notes by Nik Dahlstrom)

Launching from the paradox; You can not base identity on difference. We
are diverse and that is not going to separate us from those who are diverse from

Are we in the need of developing a European identity? If so, why?

Identity has changed over the last 50 years from being something to becoming

We need the process of finding inner identity. Three ways of doing this are;

1.) We can anchor our self in history for a common future. 
Anchor our self in space, geographical boundaries. 
3.) Develop a notion
of quality.

We have to base on tolerance and tolerance. We can’t disregard the issue of
our European diversity.

If European historical education could be implemented in our national
curriculum that could be a practical example on how to start building a common
identity within our diversity.

Identity is the curse of the modern world. Identity is built by a sense of
belonging. When nobody is behind you can’t fall back on origins and history.
Identity is now therefore created by self fulfilment. We have to make a choice.
Europe is an existential system. The moment we can define what Europe is, Europe
is… over / finished.

Is there borderless art? There are different reasons for creating borders. We
can communicate actively a set of common values rather than start
defending/protecting our self.

Defending nationality is defending variety.

Our daily task as artist is to communicate. Culture has its task to remind us
that we are all human beings. To see each other without deciding who the other
is. Each one should be able to decide for themselves. We got to dare to be
political. Use culture as a tool towards cohesion.

Culture and education should be part of every civic society and political
framework. Offer a cultural language towards our politicians.

How do we share our culture and values to our younger generations? If I was
running a country I would put my priorities towards education, culture,
health-care, and in that order.

History is still very nationally defined. Could we demand a European
perspective on this within our national curricalums?
Public service /
private market. What should the steering guidelines be. Can we evolve in
discussing with the broader masses ignoring religious matters? How do we address
religious questions in a secular society?

Enclosure 2.
Individual input made during the
workshop on saturday. (Notes by Nik Dahlstrom)

ECP is currently only coming into physical existents in our annual
conference. Should the ECP be a body producing a lot of ideas without the
muscles to implement them or should we take a further step towards practical

Can we interconnect all the contacts within the now existing network of the
ECP? We need to work presenting language for both in formal parliament political
spheres and the informal, the civic, people at grass root level.

We should happily recommend the European commission, parliament. Improve
their visibility and doors of communication

The independent and nomadic identity of the ECP – the best way of promoting
European identity. Could we make this coincide with the European cultural
cities? Could we invent cultural politicians. This could be a possible future
role of the ECP.

This is a forum for free thinker. We must preserve our independence. Should
we be institutionalised? We would like to have groups of intellectual exchange
but we currently lack the funding. On the invitation from Barosso we would like
to be involved bearing in mind that it is a challenge to combine an
institutionalised body like the European Commission and the independent
structure of the ECP.

Enclosure 3.
Points raised under the session, summary
made by Bert Mulder, Netherlands.

we recognize that…
- culture is at the heart of European identity
European identity is a set of shared values
- identity is a process for both
individuals and societies
- the process requires representation, diversity
and reflection
- our policy stimulates culture in society in general and the
young in special

culture is at the heart of European identity
- culture creates and
reflects value for individuals and societies

European identity is a set of shared values
- a set of shared
sensibilities that allows us to
communicate and be inspired by our

identity is a process for individuals and societies
- identity as a
process needs
- expression and representation
- diversity
- a European identity rooted in culture acts as a basis for
communication and inclusion and collaboration instead of exclusion

culture finds it roots in expression
- representation
- to allow
cultural expression and differences to be visible
- to ensure representation
for all individuals, groups and societies

culture is rooted in expression and reflection
- we stimulate and develop
- a grammar based on respect…

- we recognize culture as essential to the quality of society
a space for culture
- we will ensure a public domain
- inspire society as
a whole
- the renewed interest in culture requires: funding for projects,
integration of culture in other domains in society, a notion of
- address the young > education
- stimulate cultural
- stimulate reflection

Enclosure 4.
Summary made by Marie-Luise von Plessen

European culture is to build up…

C uriosity for
O peness of
H eritage of diversity
E ducation for
S utainability of
I dentity of democratic
O therness
N ational thought

To overcome
- National thought


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