Culture and Business, including “Nomadic University”

Moderators: Simonetta Carbonaro and (for the NU-initiative) Bengt
Kristensson-Uggla and Pierre Guillet de Monthoux.

Workshop: Culture and Business:

…we affirm that:

There is only one way to reach a European competitive advantage – through
integrating the cultural dimension into the European design of a new and
sustained model of wealth and prosperity. This means that the interplay of art,
culture and economy should be activated as the driving force for innovation in

By showcasing already existing role-models among successful European
companies and innovative communities, we encourage European institutions to
empower the creative industries in order to develop:

- a competitive
advantage based on diversity and uniqueness,
- a new leadership of
excellence and cultural entrepreneurship,
- and the direct economic
contribution of culture in sectors such as media, music, film, literature

Identification and investments in local cultural resources, necessary for
European cohesion and competitiveness, need a new European leadership based on
philosophical reflection.

In order to realise the above aspirations, The Nomadic University for
Philosophy, Art & Business has been created. NU is a joint initiative of the
European Cultural Parliament and Åbo Akademi University in cooperation with,
amongst others, Cittadellarte (Biella, Italy), Centre for Art & Leadership
(Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. NU is a mobile learning laboratory
offering future European leaders creative platforms for dialogue between art and
business. By exploring practical field experimentations as well as innovative
and productive cultural processes, the NU aims to contribute to creative human
action and responsibility from a glocal point of view.

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