2005 – Lisbon

Thanks to great generosity and hospitality of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation the ECP could hold its 4th session in Lisbon 2 – 4 December 2005. 

The theme of the fourth session was

“How can European Culture promote European Cohesion?”

The general theme was addressed in the plenary session by various speakers, including speakers, such as the Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio (opening speech), the Portuguese philosopher Dr Eduardo Lourenco, the President of the EU Commission, Mr José Manuel Barroso and the Director of the European Cultural Foundation, Mr Gottfried Wagner. There were also two sub-groups addressing

“Culture, Government and Civic Society”
“Culture and Business”.

Some ECP projects in pipeline were discussed and developed.

- “The Nomadic University of Philosophy, Art and Business” (included in the culture-business group)
- “Music and Health”
- “A European Architectural Internet Contest”
- “A European Academy for Contemporary Arts”
- “Directors accross Borders”

These projects have the ECP as Patron.

At the end of the session the ECP Members adopted the “Lisbon Declaration” in response to the call by the guest speaker Mr José Manuel Barroso for socially committed artists and thinkers to mobilize.

About 80 ECP Members and over 30 observers from 38 European countries attended the session.

This was the most important ECP session so far.

Karl-Erik Norrman
Secretary General

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