Press release on the situation in Ukraine, Genoa, December 3, 2004

The European Cultural Parliament, convening in Genoa, Italy, December 3-5, 2004,
wishes to express its strong support for the forces in Ukraine which are
fighting for honest elections and a transparent democracy. The campaign for a
new and fair election process in this country has become a symbol for popular
resistance against the misuse of power in former communist states and against
the interference of economic interests into the democratic process.

Behind the wish of the Ukrainian people to see democratic
principles being implemented in their country, is also the sense of cultural
identity which is uniting Ukraine with the rest of Europe. It must be strongly
emphasized that these ancient and traditional links with a European continent
adhering to democracy and freedom, inevitably must lead to a complete victory
for the same principles in Ukraine.

The European Cultural Parliament, a platform for artists and
other cultural personalities from all European countries, is committed to
strengthening the cultural and human ties with Ukraine and urges all European
institutions and individuals to support such efforts. Ukraine must become a
strong partner in the European cooperation in the 21th century.


More information:
Karl-Erik Norrman, Secretary
+49 170 164 4950
Pär Stenbäck, Chairman of the Senate
+ 358 50
52 52 060

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