Nomadic Joint University

The idea raised by Professor Pierre Guileet de Monthoux during the Graz session
in November 2003 to start a European ambulatory university for post-graduate
students from arts, social faculties, management and business was further
discussed at the Genoa session.

The discussion was not conclusive, but pilot workshops in Copenhagen,
Stockholm and Graz will continue to explore the idea during 2005. Interest has
also been expressed from Madrid and institutions in the United Kingdom.
As a
guidance to the main ingredients of the idea, please find below a summary from
discussions held in Biela, Italy:

Some concluding notes from  a meeting in Biella 27-28 March 2004

Michelangelo Pistolettos proposal for Name of the project: “Nomadic Joint
University for Society Art Economy” Here is an effort to summarise the
concluding discussion on Sunday morning:

Nomadic Joint University (NJU) for Society ART Economy

A European Cultural Parliament Initiative


- Arts and aesthetics stimulating the creative management of innovation,
ideas and responsible social transformation

- Through joining different experiences in interaction the NJU will use
the forces of Art to create participatory processes.

- The NJU will aim at overcoming the incapsulation risks of subject

- The NJU will initiate a process of exploring and discussing – across
borders and sectors – the effects of complexity and fragmentation in modern

- Art in interaction with other social fields offers ethical and
aesthetic perspectives to education and society.

- NJU will stage a learning environment and knowledge development in
moving processes at joint European universities and cultural institutions with
various orientations, always in collaboration with the highest expertise in the
respective fields.

- NJU is a Humanistic University. It will bring together a very
heterogeneous group of postgraduate students from many European countries and
from different disciplines and it will bring these students to some very
creative European environments. 

- NJU is planned to start its operation in the autumn of 2005 in
cooperation with four European universities/institutions, to be defined during

- A working hypothesis is that, as a start, 15 students will be offered
four university/institution weeks in four different European countries + one
planning and introduction week. In addition to the students, representatives of
creative private and public corporations will be offered 15 NJU places on a
commercial basis. An MBA Diploma will be the reward.

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