European architecture competition

 The idea of my presentation which I will state here, is to present the
goals of organizing the ”European architecture competition” about the
future of Sofia city.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Dear colleagues,

 First of all I would like to introduce myself once more to the people
with whom we meet for first time. My name is Boyko Kadinov, an architect,
professor at the University of Architecture and Construction in Sofia. For me it
is a pleasure to be the chairman of the organization committee of the Foundation
for European Architecture “Vizar”.
 The idea of my presentation which I
will state here, is to present the goals of organizing the ”European
architecture competition” about the future of Sofia city.
 The initial
programme expects that in November 2005 Sofia – the capital city of Bulgaria
will promote the ideas for its future architectural development in front of
European public. This competition is provoked by the future association of
Bulgaria in the European Union in 2007. This act consists not only of economical
and political character, but also raizes the cultural question and problem of
what is the future of a 2 million-city, a city that transforms itself into one
of the European capitals. What happens in the East-West dialogue? How the
conflicts between globalism and selfidentity are overcome? And finally, but not
in the last place what is the role of the creators in this process?
November 2003 Sofia was the host of the first issue of “Vizar”. The forum
discussed the visions in Bulgarian Architecture and the development of the
visual arts and the development of art as a social model. This initiative was
held entirely with the support of the European Cultural Parliament with the
direct participation of its General Secretary Mr. Karl Erik Norman and as
members of the international architecture jury participated the members of ECP
Mr. Toni Petola /Finland/, Mr. Evgeni As /Russia/. This public, cultural and
architectural forum passed with exceptional success and prepared its natural
extension, which we are promoting. Some of you saw pictures from this event
during the meeting in Gratz last year.
All this brought up the idea that
“Vizar” 2005 should realize on a higher level the ideas for constructing the
future – the ideas for overcoming the political, economic, cultural and social
borders, for the opening of architecture to other arts, literature, media, etc.
In this context we are in the process of preparing the programme for the
European Architectural Competition about the future of Sofia city. The idea of
the competition is to invite architects from all over the Europe to join in. The
jury will consist of competent European architects and intellectuals.
would like to invite to take part in the jury representatives and members of the
European Cultural Parliament too. I think that this is the way of creating a
good practical and working formula for our common activity. This formula will
give the opportunity for a practical development of the ideas of European
Cultural Parliament.
The idea for the “European Architectural Competition”
about the future of Sofia city is supported by the president of the Republic of
Bulgaria and by different international institutions. In my opinion it would
also be important to be supported by our European Cultural Parliament. This
support will maintain once more the thesis that culture overcomes borders and
differences easier than economics and politics.
I would be glad to meet you
in Sofia in November 2005, when for a week the capital city of Bulgaria will be
a host to ideas looking at the future.

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