Celebration of interdisciplinary role of arts

By Miha Pogacnik,
Ljubljana, Bled, Slovenia, five modules between January and
September 2005
Instead of his performance, which is hard to summarise in a
please find below a presentation of the artist. Attached title=ecp_miha_56__1.pdf
target=_blank>here (.pdf 141 KB) is also a pdf-version of the whole

Dear guests and participants:

Welcome to to this cycle of concerts and workshops dedicated
to celebration and research of interdisciplinary relation of Art and Business.
Leadership is seeking new competencies in these times of constant change and
transition. Those who represent the cutting edge in leading enterprize and
management education have been discovering the »old« traditions of Arts as
something very »new« and future bearing if placed into innovative  context
of learning. I feel fortunate to have enjoyed long years of friendship with Dr.
Danica Purg and her IEDC School of Management Bled, observing school`s ever
increasing presence of Art. Therefore it is great honor for me to initiate these
five modules in partnership with IEDC.

There is also another personal reason for performing 56
masterpieces: to transform a birthday celebration into a search for new
inspiration. With birthdays we look back honoring that moment, when, through our
mothers, we received our body on loan from the nature. I can say with some
certainty after three decades of performing, researching, creating intercultural
IDRIART festivals around the world and increasingly working interdisciplinarily
in the sphere of economic life, that classical music between Bach and Bartok
represents, or better, IS musical expression of human body dissolved in its
spiritual origin: resounding of its proportions, harmonies and tensions of its
diverse autonomous organ-systems. At the same time “sonata”, the most used and
explored musical form of classical music, can be experienced as resounding
archetypal human biography, the labyrinth of crisis and opportunities, a call to
the inner development. Indeed, we can observe the positive side of
individualization everywhere today: every human being, somewhere deep within,
strives more or less consciously to evolve his/her biography into unique
biographical “masterpiece”. This inner call intensifies after midlife crisis,
with increasing danger of trading off pursuit of uniqueness for “normality”.

These 56 masterpieces which I
will share with you in concerts and “de-composing” sessions of workshops, are
like “good old friends” to me, and I could say in the name of other 
musicians: such genius compositions form us, they ARE the substance of our
identity. If I look into my biography: there were no important thresholds
without these “friends”. And longer I am graced with performing them, deeper
layers of  world`s soul and spirit they reveal.
If I only think of my
first concert in the Cathedral of Chartres around my 31st birthday, which
unleashed for me the possibility to invent IDRIART movement with the consequence
of more then 150 intercultural festivals around the world. Or Bach Solo Sonatas
in 43 cathedrals in 43 days for the 43rd birthday in 1992 whith the consequence
of discovering castle Borl  in Slovenia, Potala Palace in Tibet, Teatro
Amazonas in Brazil and interdisciplinary pursuit of Art&Busines!

As you can see from the
programme below, many of my friends responded to help explore leadership and
organisational development  and together we will discover, in practical
experience and in conversation, how bridges can be built between Arts and
Business.  There is a lot of interest in this subject nowadays. You will
hear everywhere in the corporate world expressions pointing to the essence of
Arts: Creativity!, Inspiration!, Passion!, Performance!- and foremost: LISTEN!
Therefore I hope, your participation will result to a “learning celebration”,
finding and reinforcing the Artist (of whatever discipline) in yourself.

Back to the biography:  What lies for me on the horizon
of 56? Could this Art&Business cycle once again become a messenger? If you
look down the five themes, the last one reads: “In Search of European identity”.
Welcome to joining in this search! I am convinced, greatest works of European
Art speak the language of Her identity. But they want  to be taken out of
only-museum-like-existence, out of “history” context, and placed
interdisciplinarily amidst preassures of working life supporting  solutions
of difficult dilemmas, creating meaning and bearing  vision of
Society-As-Art in the future!

Miha Pogacnik.
September 2004

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