Some Conclusions

What should the European Cultural Parliament aim at?


  • Try to influence different European and National institutions, their
  • Culture should become one of European Union priorities
  • Creation of an information center to work together between the sessions
    (cooperation with the European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam)
  • In the future working groups should be created in the European Cultural
  • The European Cultural Parliament should have a clear program for coming
  • Issue of a Parliamentarian Certificate for each member
  • Creation of the Nomadic Business School (MBA)
  • European Union financing is needed (application sent to Brussels)
  • Invitation to the European Cultural Parliament, or parts thereof, to hold
    open meetings at the Central European University in Budapest.
  • Invitation to participate in the Conference and the festival ” Artists and
    residents” in Copenhagen and to the ” Berliner Konferenz für europäische
  • The membership / participation in the European Cultural Parliament should be
    stabilized (some cultural sectors are still missing and representativity should
    be aimed at)
  • Expend on already existing ideas of the European community, expand the
    existing situation
  • Creation of “absolute free zones for culture” (in violence or war zones,
    where all parties should agree to admit a continued cultural/artistic activity
    acreoss borders of eniminity – like the seize-fire at christmas during World War
  • A musical statement can be done in cooperation with the city where the next
    session will be held
  • Invite some journalists from different countries to assist the European
    Cultural Parliament during its sessions
  • Sharpen the profile ” aggressive towards authorities”, for a greater impact
    on the future of Europe
  • Special series of programs in the Media, devoted to the European Cultural
  • Create a list of the most important events in cultural policies in Europe
    (in cooperation with existing and planned systems)
  • Refine the procedure of preparations
  • Closer cooperation with the cultural capitals in the preparations of each
    European Cultural Parliament meeting?
  • Creation of Cultural Visa / Passport?
  • Needs to have a strategy in order to implement the exchange of information
  • A program that has to focus on things that can be done and that correspond
    to our profession and to the expectations of the people towards whom they are

Questions: Any results from the last session?
Any echo in the mass
What was the contribution on the level of the

Answers: A report was produced and it was sent to the European Commission,
The Council of Europe and the Committee for Culture in the European Parliament.
Very encouraging reactions but no funding or support.

Concerning the media coverage, several members of the Parliament were very
efficient as “press ambassadors” for the ECP in their home countries. A media
image should be strenthened.

Question: Do you have a mission statement that can be given to the

Answer: It’s all in the Report from the Bruges session of the
European Cultural Parliament, page 3.


  • Organize the 3rd session in Barcelona, Genua or the Hague.
  • Intention to meet, parts of the ECP, more often in response to invitations
  • Contacts with coming cultural captials and other interested cities – Lisbon
    and Cork
  • Find new sources of sustainable financing


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