Report ECP Online Seminar at the European Academy Berlin

Report from ECP Online Seminar at the European Academy Berlin on 12 December 2020

Theme: Consequences of the Corona crisis – in Society, in Arts/Culture, in Europe

The Seminar was a zoom-meeting, with the premises of Europäische Akademie Berlin (EAB) as venue and hub. The vice Director of the Academy, Dr. Weronika Priesmeyer-Tkocz and Karl-Erik Norrman organized the meeting. 25 ECP Members participated. It was a four hours seminar and it followed an agenda. See annex 1!


Keynote by Mary Miller


Presentation European Cultural Parliament, Webseminar 13.12.2020 by                   Jacob Dahl Rendtorff, Roskilde University, Denmark

What is our experience of the flu? How do we relate to the virus? What happens with our lives in the context of the epidemic? How could we see at Corona in terms of philosophy and literature? Here, the disease, flu and pandemic become a metaphor for our existence in a state of exception. When you are sick you want to recover and come back to a healthy state of life. In the metaphor this is generalized to the state of exception of society. We want to protect the kingdom of the healthy and there is a distinction between sick and healthy. The state of exception leads to isolation of the sick in relation to the healthy.


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