Tatjana Rexroth

  • Berlin
  • Germany
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Classical Music


Pianist, musicologist, publicist, artistic and organisational planning and supervision of musical and cultural projects; concerts and festivals, panels and discussions. Tatjana Rexroth was born in in Leningrad, today St. Petersburg. She studied piano with a graduate recital and musicology at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. She worked as the assistant of Prof. M. Druskin and Prof. Klimowitzki on the topic of “The West and the East in cultural dialogue”. In 1986 Tatjana Rexroth relocated to the Federal Republic of Germany and worked in the Beethoven Archive Bonn. In 1990/91 she worked as artistic director and organiser of the international music festival „Prokofiew and the Contemporary Music of the Sovjet Union” in Duisburg and in North Rhine-Westphalia. She hosted concerts, realised meeting with composers from the Sovjet Union, supervised the colloquium “Contemporary Art from the Sovjet Union” and contributed through her conceptual and organisational work to the multi-part project (i.e., exhibitions and concerts) “Russian Avant-garde 1910 – 1930”. During the nineties Tatjana Rexroth involved actively in the dialogue between the Russian and German music scene. In 1995 she relocated to Austria were she lived for two years. She planned and organised presentations of contemporary Austrian music in Saint Petersburg and Moscow; in addition she had been responsible for the performance of Galina Ustwolskaja during the “Wien Modern” in 1996. Tatjana Rexroth moved to Berlin in 1997. In 2001 she worked for the exhibition Berlin – Moscow as well as on the publication of the exhibition catalogue. In 2008 she supervised as artistic director the planning and organisation of the project „Year of Azerbaijan” that had been initiated by the Dr. Gabriele Minz GmbH. For now 12 years Tatjana Rexroth had worked as dramaturgic coordinator for the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festivals. Since 2007 she hosts and organises on behalf of the trust Schloss Neuhardenberg concerts and discussions about Russia and Israel. Tatjana Rexroth is valid as a competent adviser for cultural institutions and is especially regarded and highly valued as an important agent by the Russian composer scene. She is also still actively working as a publicist. She writes for German speaking newspapers like the SZ, the Swiss NZZ, produces broadcasts for the SWRF and the RBB and is published in professional journals.