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Education 1985-1991 – Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Tbilisi, Georgia Solo Exhibitions – 2016-Batumi, Georgia, Permanent Exhibition, (Rusudan Petviashvili  Gallery) 2015-Paris, France,  (Galerie Daniel Besseiche)     
  1. Art Palace, Tbilisi, Georgia. 
2014-Odessa, Ukraine, (Gallery Art Promo) 2014-Kiev, Ukraine, (The State Museum of Art)  2013- Paris, France (Galerie Daniel Besseiche)
  1. - Geneva, Switzerland (Exhibition Hall of the UN)
2010-Geneva, Switzerland (Galerie Daniel Besseiche)  2009- Minden, Germany (Spiegel Gallery) 2007 – Minden Germany (Spiegel Gallery) 2006 – Berlin, Germany (Exhibition Hall BuseHeberer Fromm) 2006 – Bassano Del Grappa, Italy (Gallery Palazzo Bonaguro) 2005 – Coesfeld, Germany (Munsterlandfestival – Part 1) 2005 – Bergen, Germany (Spiegel Gallery) 2002 – Borjomi, Georgia (International Festival of Art) 2002 – Batumi, Georgia (State Gallery) 1997 – Tbilisi, Georgia (National Gallery) 1996 – Dijon, France (World Industrial Exhibition, Pavilion Georgia) 1994-Sakramento, USA 1988 – London, UK (Roy Mails, Fine Paintings)  1987 – Kutaisi, Georgia (State Gallery) 1986 – Biberach, Germany (Braith-Mali-Museum)  1985 – Moscow, Russia (XII world Festival of Youth and Students) 1985 – Madrid, Spain (Georgian Culture Days) 1984 – Tbilisi, Georgia (House of Artists)  1984 – Budapest, Hungary (National Gallery) 1983 – Paris, France (Georgian Culture Days) 1983-1982 – France, Different cities (Georgian Culture Days) 1982 – Tbilisi, Georgia (Children Art Gallery) 1981 – Moscow, Russia (Permanent Mission of Georgia) 1977- Moscow, Russia (Palace of Friendship, House of Journalists) 1974 – Tbilisi, Georgia (Children Art Gallery)at the age of 6   Grants and Awards 
  1. Presidential Order of Shine
2008 – Order of Honor of Georgian Republic 2005 – International Award Ambassador of Good Will 1983 - Gold medal and the first-degree diploma at the 11th Republican Youth Olympiad             of Arts  1981 - Gold medal and the first-degree diploma at the 10th Republican Youth Olympiad            of Arts        1975 - Gold medal and the first-degree diploma at the 8th Republican Youth Olympiad                  of Arts.     Commissions Miniatures - Gospel of Saint Trinity, Tbilisi, Georgia Miniatures - Bible in Georgian Language The Knight in Panther’s Skin – Join Stock issue of Moscow and Paris National Fairy-Tales Collections National Museum of Art – Tbilisi, Georgia National Museum of Adjara –Batumi, Georgia The Museum of Arts – Kutaisi, Georgia.   Bibliography 2000 Famous Persons of XX Century.- Cambridge Biographical Centre  Printed Media 1981- Saint-Yore (France) hosted a scientific conference to explain the phenomenon Rusudan Petviashvili’s paintings.   Client List George Bush, Eduard Shevardnadze, Ilham Aliev, Margaret Thatcher, Tonino Guerra, Richard Miles, Fabricio Romano, Head office of the World Bank.