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Born in Russia. Master of Fine Art Degree of the Moscow State University (art history, art theory), worked for publishing houses “Soviet Artist”, “Contemporary”ʼ, “Aurora” etc., publications in different magazines: “Applied Art”ʼ, “Art” (Russia), “Durch” (Germany), “Art Press” (France), “Flash Art”, “Chernovik” (USA) and some different art books. Participation in numerous exhibitions in Moscow. Since1992 lives and works in Germany - Munich. Participation as a artist in different exhibitions in Germany, Italy, France, USA, Belgium etc. 1997 -2000 - Curator of the gallery “12 pm” Munich. Since 2000 lives and works in Berlin. Art director of the art association “ConcentArt e.V.” Berlin. Curator and participator of ConcentArtʼs international projects: “Security “, “Wa(h)re Kunst” (Art & commodity), “Borders”;. “Brace for impact”, “Mindsets”, “Mediations Biennial” – Poland, “Sign & Time” in cooperation with “Transmediale 11”, “Cyberfest” – Sankt Petersburg.