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Dansehallerne in Copenhagen - Efva Lilja
Efva Lilja is chosen to develop and strengthen Dansehallerne ́s profile nationally and internationally and to lead Dansehallerne into the future and to a new physical location. Efva Lilja has a unique position in the Nordic region as creative and performing artist. She has made impressive achievements as a researcher, writer, director and vice-chancellor of major cultural institutions, and she has big ambitions for Dansehallerne and the role of dance in society: "I want Dansehallerne to be an important forum for the debate of art and culture which can give the outside world the respect for, creating understanding and commitment to what dance, choreography and other performative arts represents in today's multicultural and diverse society. This is important for the future labor markets, the trust in the political system, for cultural development, respect and participation of the outside world. I can not think of a better and more stimulating challenge than leading the development of this together with the qualified staff of Dansehallerne ”, Efva Lilja says. Efva Lilja is currently committed to artistic tasks in different parts of Europe. Efva Lilja will start as director of Dansehallerne 1st of January 2016. Until then, finance manager Susanna Iversen will continue as acting CEO and producer Hanne Svejstrup will continue as acting artistic director. More information and CV for Efva Lilja: www.efvalilja.se
More information For questions and further information please contact: Chairman of the Board - Mikkel Harder Munck-Hansen: +354 856 09 00, Efva Lilja: +46 70 63 53 056 About Dansehallerne Dansehallerne is a dynamic place and national centre for dance as an art form. The purpose of Dansehallerne is to strengthen, develop and disseminate dance as an art form and to ensure that dance remains at the forefront of the national cultural scene. The headquarter of Dansehallerne is located in Copenhagen – we have a small department in the heart of Aarhus as well. Dansehallerne is an independent institution with an operating grant from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Copenhagen.