Andras Marton

  • Budapest
  • Hungary
Cultural areas


Cultural areas: Theatre and Cultural diplomacy Consul, Director of the Hungarian Cultural Center, New York, 2001-2005. Setting up the first Hungarian Cultural Center in the USA, organizes about 200 cultural events annually, all over the States. Setting up the first Consulate General in Los Angeles, for the Republic of Hungary. The first Hungarian Consul General in LA, covering 19 Western States, headed the medium-sized Consulate General, dealing with economic, cultural, educational, diplomatic and consular matters. Founded and managed the MERLIN Theatre and International Cultural Center in Budapest, Hungary. Member of major theatre companies in Budapest. Played over one hundred leading and supporting roles in classic and contemporary Hungarian and international dramas. Played numerous film and TV roles in Hungarian as well as International Productions. Directed numerous theater and television productions in Hungary, Finland and the USA. Taught at several universities, academies and drama studios: Euro-American Acting Studio LA, James Madison University Virginia, The Academy of Theatre and Film Art Budapest, Pinceszínház Budapest, Színitanoda Budapest, University of California Irvine, Werk Academy Budapest, Theatre and Film Institute Budapest. Employed by various executive training and consulting companies -Face To Face, Europa House, Clavis Institute, Generative as master trainer. Main areas: communication, etiquette-protocol, conflict-management, negotiation-techniques, and presentation. Clients: Middle and high-level management of IBM, DEMASZ, OTP Bank, Pannon GSM, L’Oreal, CIB Bank, Etc… Elected Member of the Pécs City Council, working in the Economic, Ownership and Entrepreneurial Committee of the Town.