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Hub organisations
In each of its member countries the ECP YN aims to build relationships with organisations that can function as hubs for the national clusters of members but also for projects of ECP YN. The idea is to create sustainable contexts and networks in which the future for art, culture and youth is boosted.

A hub organisation should
• Ideally be a youth arts or culture organisation working with, for and by youth.
• To have a clear interest in the co-creation with young people is key!
• Have an interest in cross border exchange and international dimensions.
• Embrace the ECP YN and the empowerment project as networks and project, share the values
and the ideas.
• Have their own premises or suggest other meeting spaces
• Have a good profile in the region in which they are based and good networks and contacts
with funding sources, government and policy makers.
• Have the infrastructure to be able to work with young people such as (CRBs, Child
Protection policy etc) This last point is a wish and not an obligation.

Other kinds of partnerships with organisations working with European exchanges, art and culture in its broader sense can also be created for other needs of the ECP YN!

The tasks/responsibilities of a Hub organisation
• Provide a meeting space (monthly meetings for the core group of the national network and
possibly for other international meetings, to be discussed in each case).
• Provide practical help with funding applications (possibly administer grants that the NN
apply for on a local or national level)
• Participate in EU – and other applications for the network

Tasks for a Hub within the empowerment project
• Participate in EU – and other applications for the project
• Participate in planning of research and the conduct of the research and provide
manpower/resource person for this
• Dissemination of information to target groups

Possible collaboration possibilities with between a hub organisation and each National Network:
• Strategy development on youth and culture
• Possibly other local concrete collaboration projects initiated by the core group of the
ECP YN National Network and the Hub.

Benefits for the hub organisations
• Profit from a new Pan-European network of like minded organisations; Best practice
exchange, sharing of studies, strategies and working methods
• Create a common language and discourse with the other like minded organisations within the
• Participate in a project that gives visibility and boost the international
youth and culture activities
• Strengthen and develop the national level work with and for young people
• Create pressure groups for impact on local, national and European decision makers
• Access pan European funding for common projects

The fact that the hub organisations work in different sectors as civic engagement, human rights and culture guarantees a cross over effect that will create an interesting project and profitable relations for the years to come.

If you would like to know what hub organisations we currently have started collaborations or dialogue with, please write an e-mail to:

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