Empowerment though Culture (working title)

« Empowerment through Culture » (working title)

A pan-European project that aims to facilitate access to, and democratization of, culture particularly in less privileged parts of Europe.

Interviews conducted by the ECP YN show that there is a need for:
Young people from Eastern and South-eastern European countries to exchange more with young people from other parts of Europe (and the world). They need public exposure of examples of successful people, professionals with upgrade carriers as positive examples. Many young people in many Eastern and South-eastern European countries have lost perspective and belief in general that they are able to succeed, especially in art and culture related professions.
A Pan-European Internet platform for young people that easily connect individuals, organizations, provide specialized information, insight and best practices. No such Pan-European platform for young people that combine both online and offline meetings and discussion exists! A conclusion made by members of the ECP YN is that similar initiatives that already exist never reaches one another and never interacts.
Initiatives that successfully reach the intended target groups. Research made by the ECP YN shows that existing local/national/regional initiatives do not successfully reach youth excluded by social, financial or geographical reasons. (Often only established professionals who are already “in the game”).
Initiatives that work cross border. Similar existing initiatives tend to stay local or regional.
Sharing and exchanging about skills, competences and best practices. (Both between individuals and between larger structures). Today a couple of Western European countries have sophisticated systems that work on the development for young persons in so called NEET groups (not in education, employment or training) but in some countries this does not exist at all. The existing initiatives are not always either interested in cross border cooperation. How could we share this expertise to countries in need?

ECP YN will respond to these needs through an action project with members from the ECP YN but also with a number of culture, human rights and civic society organisations from across geographical Europe working with and for youth.

If you are interested in knowing more about this project, please send an e-mail to Johanna Suo at

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