National Networks

The national networks (NN) and their members constitute the ECP Youth Network (ECP YN).
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The NNs function as constituencies that convene on regular basis to discuss assigned issues.

The members of the NNs are selected following criteria listed here:
The individuals, who make up the NNs volunteer their free time and passion, in order to improve the local, national and European cultural climate for young people. Each NN has one or two ambassadors who represent the NN on the international sessions and participate in the pan-European steering group.

It is the conclusions accumulated from these NN surgeries, presented, compared and contrasted at a core group level, which form the basis of the reports and proposals which are drafted in order to argue for or against varying cultural policies and cultural agendas in Europe today.

The activities of the NNs are also bespoke, each NN creates activities in line with the local needs, it may be networking, running of a particular project or competence development in a particular area.

Here are the contacts to the ECP YN “ambassdors” of the different NNs:

Maria Hadjiathanasiou:
Maria was born in Limassol, Cyprus. She studied fine art under the Cypriot artist Helene Black, before setting off to England in 2006 to pursue her studies. There she spent four years studying Literature (BA) at the University of Essex and Art History (MA) at the University of Bristol. She then returned to Cyprus where she held various intern positions in a modern art gallery, auction house and festivals. For a year she worked at Omikron Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Nicosia, organising solo and group shows for established and emerging Cypriot and Greek artists. Since 2012 she is a project coordinator at NeMe, a Limassol based cultural NGO, working on various platforms which focus on contemporary theories and their intersection with the arts. Through her studies, jobs and intern positions, Maria had the opportunity collaborating with Cypriot and international artists, curators, academics and cultural directors, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience in the field of art and culture. She is currently doing her PhD in Art History at the University of Bristol, with a focus on Modern Art in Cyprus during British Colonial Rule. For her research she was awarded a scholarship from the A.G. Leventis Foundation. She is a member of the Association of Art Historians (AAH).

Barbara Stasiak:
Barbara is a culture manager. She has been organizing festivals and cultural events for the past 8 years. Her focus is on international management with an interest in music from diverse nations. She has worked for the Arts Center “Mazury Garbate” at numerous festivals in Poland (Interdisciplinary Festival „Przystanek Olecko“) as well as in other European countries.
After graduating in Intercultural Relations as well as Copyright Law at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland), she was taking part in two EU Programs in Cyprus and the Netherlands, which aroused her interest in cross-border cultural work. From 2011 to 2012 she was working for the Robert Bosch Foundation as cultural manager where she was organizing music projects with the World Music agency “alba Kultur” (Cologne, Germany). She is fascinated by cultural projects which transcend cultural, national and linguistic borders.

Stephania Xydia:
Information about Stephania you find under the headline ‘Founding members’.

Katerina Balamoti:
Katerina studied Business Administration and Marketing in the Athens University of Economics and Business. After her first degree she decided to go for a second BA in Theatre History, Literature and Acting, Santa Barbara Higher Drama School. She also holds a MA in Cultural Heritage Management from the University of Kent. She has worked as a Project Manager with the non profits The Readers of Homer and Greek Theatre International (Elliniko Theatro). As a student she worked in Proastiakos S.A., Chromodomi Ltd., Hellenic Centre, Athletic Club of Thrakomakedones and Initiative for Heritage Conservacy.

Marton Bodo:

Paolo Petrocelli:
Paolo is a new member since January 2012 and an Italian arts administrator, entrepreneur, violinist, musicologist and music journalist.
He received his artist diploma in violin performance from the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia and graduated in musicology from the Sapienza University of Rome where, under the guidance of Philip Gossett, he specialized in the study of European music in the 20th century, with particular interest in British composers. He was admitted to masters programs at City University London and Royal Holloway University.
Associate director at IMG Artists, vice president of the Orchestra Italiana del Cinema, project manager at Forum Music Village.
UNESCO Youth Delegate for Italy (2011), Committee member of the Working Group Youth of the European Music Council (2008–2010) and Ambassador for the Manifesto for Youth and Music in Europe. Family member of The Festival One Week. One Europe. Berlin 2012.


Nita Zeqiri:
Nita holds a BA in Business Management and Economy at the University for Business and Technology.
Currently she is serving as Projects Developer at Innovations Lab Kosovo (UNICEF) and as a freelance Cultural Adviser at “Hello Kosovo” Cultural Heritage Project supported by CHwB.
Before joining Innovations Lab she worked in business sector as a Marketing Expert for local companies.
In the past 10 yrs she’s been working on many Youth and Cultural projects, sometime as a freelance and at times as a Cultural Associate for many NGOs in Kosovo.

Agnieszka Cichocka:
Information about Agnieszka you find under the headline ‘Founding members’.

Eliana Nicolau:
Eliana is a new member since April 2013 and is a 25 year old arts producer with academic and professional background in cultural events.
She’s been developing and coordinating cultural events such as artistic & research residencies, exhibitions, meetings, international exchanges, exhibition of arts in the public space, music performance, forums and training courses, at Transforma since 2009. Transforma is a laboratory for contemporary arts practices with several international partnerships and networks that focus mainly on the connection between art, creativity and location.
She’s experienced on managing international cultural events and successfully applied for EU funded projects. Along with arts events production and as a part of the recent development of the activities at Transforma Eliana has been coordinating and boosting young creative artists of the local community towards the development of cultural projects.
Eliana taught creative drama to young ages on different local primary schools. She’s also experienced coordinating training sessions with youth groups, international exchanges, organizing public presentations of their develop work, boosting projects with teenagers and young adults.
Eliana believes in culture towards awareness, higher education and community-based rehabilitation. That providing information, tools and orientation it’s possible to generate young, creative and proactive entrepreneurs capable to generate their own initiatives.

Raluca Pop:
Raluca is a cultural manager and facilator based in Bucharest, Romania. She worked for three years as a consultant for the Romanian Cultural Contact Point and coordinated the national campaign for the 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. In 2010 she started an online project, banipentruarte (money for the arts), and later coordinated the first research and information campaign about how structural funds can support cultural projects in Romania. Raluca is also an active member of the Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector, a Romanian advocacy network promoting the principles of good governance in culture.Raluca collaborated with the Romanian Academic Society, an established think-tank, working with transparency of governance and prevention of frauds with EU funds in Romania, and acted as an evaluator of cultural projects applications for the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. In February 2012 she founded CubicMetre – resources for culture, a Bucharest-based NGO working mainly in cultural management and cultural policies advocacy, research and training. She has coordinated several projects and publications on themes such as: advocacy for public culture in Romania, the role of independent culture in cultural reform after 1989 in Romania, cultural governance at local level, accountability of use of public funds for festivals, role of living culture in contemporary Romania and the use of structural funds for culture in Romania 2007-2011. Raluca is registered as a COMPENDIUM expert for cultural governance and third sector initiatives. Raluca has an MA in Public Policy (stream of research: cultural policy), Central European University and a BA in Communication and Public Relations.

Corina is a cultural manager working in Cluj, Romania. Since 2009 she is the manager of Fabrica de Pensule / The Paintbrush Factory – an independent contemporary arts center located in a converted factory, where she coordinates the programs of the artistic collective and is responsible for the communication and planning of the space gathering over 30 artists, 6 contemporary art galleries and 6 cultural organizations active in various fields of contemporary arts and culture. Corina has been involved lately in initiating and coordinating various programs in arts and culture, mainly being engaged in audience development, arts education, training and community building through arts and culture. She has organized a number of cultural events (including workshops, debates, conferences, exhibitions and performances) both with local and international participation.
She is also the initiator, together with Ana Botezatu, of Mixer – an artistic group for which she is dealing with research, documentation and artistic practice to follow topics related to gastronomy, ethnography of food, organizing events that mix gastronomy with various contemporary topics. Corina Bucea holds a degree in Philosophy and has participated in various professional programs in cultural management and cultural policies, in London, Paris/Grenoble and Salzburg, among others.
Project Manager Fabrica de Pensule


Anja Magdič

Currently based in Ljubljana, Anja joined ECPYN in 2014 as National Network Coordinator of Slovienia. She is a law student at the Faculty of Law in Ljublana focused on International and European law.  Alongside her studies, she has been working at the Government Communication Office of Republic of Slovenia since June 2011. Anja’s principle interests lie in intertanional reelations and cultural diplomacy -in her diploma thesis she hopes to emphasize the role of UNESCO in international community. After her graduation, she hopes to complete her Master’s stydy programme in International Law abroad. 


MAŠA GALA (1985 Kranj, Slovenia), Master of Fine Arts, is a graduate student of painting, new media and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She furthered her studies in the field of author photography at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a member of the artistic group 3kolektiv since 2010 in addition to her solo practice. She is exhibiting in Slovenia and abroad (The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic) since 2005 and was awarded for her work with national student Prešeren Award for painting in 2010. In her work she intertwines several mediums from painting, photography and graphics to sculpture and video. More about her praxis is on the page She is actively involved in the cultural and educational scene in Slovenia (collaborations between artists, composers, architects, workshops for youth etc.). In 2013 she was an art director in the emerging artists gallery project SItI ARTstore. She lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Mimi Terris:
Mimi joined ECPYN in 2013, as National Network Coordinator of Sweden. Mimi holds a
master’s degree in Classical Vocal Performance from The Royal Danish College of Music,
and is currently undertaking a master’s degree in Music Pedagogy at The Malmö School of
Music in Sweden. Her key areas of interest are the development of music and culture in
education, as well as youth psychology, and integration and gender issues in the fine arts
sector, alongside her ongoing focus on vocal anatomy and development.
As a professional Mimi sings both jazz and classical music, and released her well received
debut jazz album ”They say it’s spring” on Calibrated Records in Copenhagen 2013, as well
as opera chorus work in Puccini’s Madame Butterfly in Opera Hedeland’s 2013 production
(DK), among other engagements. Mimi also works as an vernacular jazz dance teacher, and
has a deep interest in music history and expression.
In 2004 Mimi founded the Tjörn Artist Camp for teenagers on the west coast of Sweden,
which has been running on a yearly basis until 2011. She was awarded the Tjörn Cultural
Grant for her work to continuosly encourage young singers to pursue further development in
stage skills, vocal technique and physical awareness.

Rebecka Pershagen:
Rebecka joined ECPYN in 2013, as National Network Coordinator of Sweden.
She holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from The Swedish Theatre Academy in Gothenburg.
Rebecka has studied Psychology and Music Theory at Stockholm University, and also written a
Bachelor Thesis in Fashion Technology at The Center For Fashion Studies (also at Stockholm
University). As a professional Rebecka has worked both in Sweden and Norway, at e.g. The
Norrland Opera and The Östgöta Theatre. During the past year she has lived and worked in
Småland as an actress, been a guest professor in performance technique at the leading theatre
education high school in Sweden and in December 2013 she is releasing her first book ”Vesper”
which consists of poetry and short stories. She is also the concept manager of Operalabb,
which is a movement focused on popular education around the art of opera. Rebecka has a background as a youth politician, and have vast experience as a board member of several artistic decision-making

Johanna Suo:
Information about Johanna you find under the headline ‘Founding members’.

Ganna Denysenko:
Ganna is a new member since June 2013. She graduates from Dnepropetrovsk National University, the faculty of journalism. During her study she took part in promotion and making shorts movies, later this group of students grew up in the national movie making youth network ( She has over 3 years’ experience working in Marketing, PR and Journalism. She worked in television and at Ukrainian newspapers, mostly she writes about Ukrainian culture and art. She has taken part in volunteering projects from Ukrainian NGO “Svit-Ukraine” and “FRI” (Foundation of Regional Initiatives). She is volunteer on the Annual Lviv Book Forum. She continues to work as a freelance journalist and PR-manager. In 2012 she participated in the conference “100 young leaders of Ukraine” in Kiev. Ganna is active in the Network for Young European Journalists (FEJS).


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