Mission statement

“Boosting the value of arts and culture…increasing European best practices exchange and collaboration…giving youth a voice among decision makers”.

The ECP YN is a network for cultural practitioners across geographical Europe between the ages of 20 and 35. The YN was created within the European Cultural Parliament in 2010 but has its own legal body since November 2013.

The founders and members of the Youth Network are united by a common interest in boosting the value of arts and culture, increasing European best practices exchange and collaboration and giving youth a voice in the public discourse and among decision makers.

The ECP YN provides a platform for exchange between cultural practitioners and exists through an online presence, regular meetings and themed conferences.
Concretely the ECP YN does three things:
1. Pan- European Professional Networking
2. Development and Conduct of Case Studies, Surveys, Cultural Policy Analysis, Best Practices Exchange
3. Collaboration Projects

The above-mentioned activities are made possible through the ECP YN local engagement process: the exchange of knowledge and dialogue between ECP YN representatives and national level networks.

ECP YN believes the arts to be crucial, not only for the development of the debate on identity in Europe today, but also for a balanced society.

To safeguard the positive influence of the arts, the Youth Network offers a platform to explore the notion of an additional space within which the current technocratic EU can be rebalanced. The organisation has a vision of unity through diversity, by means of such a cultural dimension.

We believe in a future whereby our cultural pan-European hub will generate progressive and innovative thinking to challenge and influence policy-makers. We pledge to maintain a high standard of projects with the objective of strengthening and enforcing these ideas and we aim to create a sustainable and exciting future for the arts.

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