About ECP YN

The ECP Y N is a network of cultural practitioners between the ages of 20 and 35 based in Europe.
The network was created in 2010 within the framework of the European Cultural Parliament (ECP). Since November 2013, the YN has an independent legal body.

After eight sessions of the ECP a need was felt to open the unique pan-European forum for the next generation of cultural actors who could add new perspectives.

A group of young artists and cultural experts was then invited to the 9th session of the ECP in Athens with a view to testing the idea of creating a new youth network within the framework of the ECP.  A workshop was held where a potential development of the youth network was discussed.  Very soon a core group of committed people was established.

The founding group members were Sabina Baciu (Romania), Agnieszka Cichocka (Poland), Stephanie Gaillard (UK), Antje Kohlrusch (Germany), Susan Lahesalu (Estonia), Judit Plana Jansana (Spain/UK), Johanna Suo (Sweden/France/UK), Steven Walter (Germany/USA), Stephania Xydia (Greece).

In order to pursue the aims of the YN it was agreed to create the National Networks (NNs). With united expertise it was considered that the YN would achieve a stronger voice towards decision makers on a national and international level.







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