About ECP-FG

The European Cultural Parliament – Future Generation (ECP-FG) is a new initiative created within the European Cultural Parliament (ECP) in the beginning of 2017 and partly built on the previous ECP Youth Network (YN), It is a network of young aspiring artists and cultural professionals between the ages of 18 and 35, from all over Europe as defined by the European Council. The Future Generation aims to generate cultural progressive and innovative thinking to inspire Europe, as well as challenge and influence decision makers. By offering a platform for exchange and competence development, access to a profound network and mentoring, the ECP FG wants to give emerging artists and cultural managers the opportunity to rise in their profession and contribute to the creation of a European soul

The Future Generation believes the arts to be crucial, not only for the development of the debate on identity in Europe today, but also for a balanced society. To safeguard the positive influence of the arts, the ECP FG offers a platform to explore the notion of an additional creative space within the European Union and beyond.

The networks pledges to maintain a high standard of projects, workshops, and conferences with the objective of strengthening and enforcing these ideas and aims to create a sustainable and prospering future for the arts and cultural development.

For more information please visit ECP Future generations .

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